How To Stay Motivated When You’re Cycling

Cycling is a tough sport. It puts incredible strain on the legs and for those who don’t pace themselves, it could result in terrible pain. That’s why all newbie cyclists should know how to pace themselves. While you might be full of motivation and energy to begin with, one bad experience due to pushing yourself too far could make you never want to cycle again. Beginners should know that having the right bike makes all the difference in the world when it comes to how enjoyable your cycling experience is. Buying the best entry level road bike is recommended to all newbies who are serious about cycling. A good bike like this will allow you to enter competitive cycling tournaments with ease. Entering a tournament like this is a great way to get motivated since you’ll have a limited time to train and get fit. Cycling daily is the best way to become a great cyclist.

the best entry level road bike for beginners

The number one mistake newbies make is how they approach steep hills. The steep hill is often also the part that makes many cyclists give up and get off their bikes. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. Don’t charge at the hill. Instead keep a steady pace and shift your gears accordingly as you go up the hill. Progressively go faster. Stretching out your energy like this instead of giving all your energy right at the beginning is the only way to make it up the hill. Knowing how to shift your gears is also a very important aspect of cycling. The best entry level road bike for beginners will enable you to shift your gears accordingly. If you have a bike without gears, you’ll be needing a new bike.

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